Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bon Voyage' Hop on board to Ireland!

Welcome! I thought it might be a good idea to connect now so that when I take off on the 4th, if you'd like, you'll be ready to come along to Ireland. While blogging about people, places, things and lessons from the kitchen and garden at Ballymaloe, I'll post photos as well. Here's a preview of what's to come.

Schedule: (click sights)
3 Hour stop over @ Heathrow (serious people watching) A blog/photo must.
Cork City, Ireland: Thursday Aug. 5th- Sunday August 8th @ Gabriel House Guesthouse. Will blog on people, shopping, restaurants, coffee drinking, any interesting landmarks, choir singing @ St. Mary's Dominican Church on Sunday, and any surprises that come about.
Ballymaloe Cookery School: Sunday August 8th (evening)- Saturday August 21st
The school has a 100 acre organic garden in the center of it. The largest organic garden at a cooking school in the world. Run by Darina Allen, who apparently is the Martha Stewart of Ireland, (I had no idea) became a friend of my mothers when mom attended the cooking school many years ago. My mother often told me, she thought Ballymaloe was the most beautiful place she had seen. The weekend of August 14th-15th I'll visit Midleton (there's a castle) and Ballycotton ( a little town at the edge of the sea).
3 Hour stop-over @ Heathrow Saturday, August 21st (more people watching time) back to the states.

Everything is packed (light and minimally) and I'm ready to take off soon. A ten hour flight to London. I anticipate an interesting sort of adventure at Heathrow. It can be quit entertaining sitting in an airport, studying the many different people walking by. It's especially fun when you're listening to your Ipod with a beautiful keynote playing, watching people move about to the rhythm. Something like the best motion picture ever, and you're the screenwriter imagining and creating a story line.
Bon Voyage" See you in London!

Stay tuned for The Adventure at Heathrow.