Monday, August 16, 2010

Ballycotton, Ballymaloe House and the beach

I started the day off going to the Shanagarry Design Center down the road for some morning coffee with a scone. From there I walked to the beach and met Sally and Allen, the two funny little dogs in the photos. They fell in love at first sight. I also saw a jelly fish for the first time ever that had washed ashore, so had to take a picture.
Went to Ballycotton with my friend Helen who lives there with her two children, Matilda and Louie. I took a picture of them along with their friend Maddy. Maddy is the one holding a popsicle, Matilda is in the middle and then Louie. Ballycotton is a charming little town. The picture of the sea, church and colorful houses are all there.
The picture of the castle was next to the design center and that castle was owned by William Penn. He came to Ireland in 1680 and built that castle for himself. He brought the whole quaker lifestyle here.Who knew.
Later that evening I went to Ballymaloe House and had dinner with the Allen family. The pictures of the dining areas are from the house. The long table is the family table. I was hoping to get a picture of Darina and myself but it didn't work out. The food was amazing. Buffet style with so many various dishes. I joyfully tried every dessert there, which was: Ballymaloe Pralline Ice Cream, Lemon Tart, Raspberry Cream Roll. Chocolate Mousse with Whipped Cream and fresh picked blueberries. I ended the day in a horizontal position because quite frankly after that meal I was unable to stand up straight.

I'm having problems with my adapter/converter so will not be able to download pictures anymore. I'll continue to take photos and will upload them on the blog when I return in a few days. I have decided not to post recipes as I mentioned before because there are so many. However, what I will do, is create a packet of my favorite recipes and you can have one for $2. (to cover cost of printing). Just let me know either by emailing me or posting a comment through the blog.

Thank you so much for following these blogs. It's been a lot of fun sharing the many sights.
Stay tune for the final pictures next week!


  1. look forward to the recipes, and seeing the rest of the pictures. its been like being on vacation with you :-) thank you for sharing it all in such an intimate way.

  2. Thanks for following. Glad you're both enjoying the blog. It's a highight hearing from my friends.See you soon Debb. Let's plan a meal together. \i'll cook something from here and you cook your magic.
    Stay well!

  3. Hi, Tina!
    Love these latest photos! Yes, please do add me to your list to receive a packet of recipes.
    It is so cool that you went to Kilkenny! That is where Jim's grandmother grew up! In fact, when we went to Ireland, a main focus of our trip was to try to find evidence of her life there. So when we landed in Dublin and rented our car, we made a beeline for Kilkenny. Jim's brother (from Saudi Arabia at that time) had rented a house there and they had not yet arrived, so it was available to us for about 3-4 days. (didn't find much evidence of his grandmother -- but did meet some very nice people.) Then we proceeded from there south to the Cork area, then west out to the coast and up that famous west side (including the Cliffs of Mohr right here in your picture!)
    It has been wonderful taking this trip with you.
    Love, Ginny