Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Good news! Carmel, a lovely woman staying in the Play Room, has allowed me to use her plug. We have the same computer and her plug is European. Thank you Carmel! So the blog will continue on. Lots of cooking and learning today. I made Lemon Curd, Dill Mayonaise like my French grandmother made, and Raspberry Jam. I also learned how to make Butterscotch Sauce, which I actually took a picture of, because it was so beautiful, but it didn't load. The photo of the salad was one I made this morning and I thought it was exceptionally beautiful with all the color. The sunflowers were a bouquet that was sitting in a bowl on the table in the front entrance.

My friend Neeve (this is only the way you pronounce her name, spelling I don't know) is the first photo. She's taught me to make scones. She makes all the sweets for the shop and she's good, really good.

My friend Florrie, in the red vest, is another master chef who is also a mother of five. I always feel immediately connected every time I meet another woman who's raised five children. Something about that number. haha! The photo of three of us, is Tiona in the middle and Debbie in the blue jacket. We're the "Monday Team." Monday is the day that we cook lunch for a large amount of people who are taking the course. It's the one day the students do not cook.

I took a picture of the Lemon Curd that I made, and also passed a tray of red and green peppers sitting on a window seal in the Demonstration Room I thought were beautiful.

The one photo of myself with Darina (in the long dress) was taken the day before. I wasn't haveing a good hair day that day but oh well, I wanted you to see Darina.

Tomorrow, more cooking and learning as much as I can before I leave on Saturday. I have more friends to take photos of so stay tuned!

Off to the beach for a long walk as I had TWO helpings of brown sugar ice cream after lunch. My oh My!


  1. The salad looks amazing! So do you! what a fabulous adventure you are having. xxx

  2. Thanks Chris.
    It really is a lovely adventure. I'm meeting so many nice people and learning great ideas, tips and recipes. It's loads of fun.
    I can see why mom loved it here. There are little things about this place that remind me of her, like the potted geraniums in the window seals and little vases of fresh flowers everywhere. Wasn't that so her? All the small details is what makes this place so beautiful.
    Again, thanks for following the blog. It's always a treat when you've left a post.

  3. so glad you were able to power back up. this was bright spot in my day b/c my 'old lady' red commuter bike was stolen while i was in class. i'm bummed so these lovely pictures and your adventure has lifted my spirits. enjoy the precious few days/meals you have left :-)

  4. WHAT! Some of the things some people decide to do are more then puzzling. Perhaps something better is about to arrive for your commute or maybe the bike will be retreived. At any rate, let's get together for some scones and tea.

  5. Thanks to Carmel for saving the blog. I look forward to reading about your days and all the beautiful things you see. Oh, and the food pictures-what color! Ballymaloe is really a magical place. Savor each moment and of course each bite! YUMMMMMMM

  6. Thank you for bringing us along, Tina! It has been a marvelous adventure, both visually and wanderingly ...
    I'll send you the blog address for my niece Barbara (the one from Portland) who flies to Belfast on Sept. 2 for a YEAR!
    Love, Ginny