Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ballymaloe Day 2

Started the day off making scones. The actual name of the recipe is Mummy's Sweet White Scones. I had previously said they were Mummy's Sweet Milk Scones. This recipe is the master recipe of which you can add a variety of different things to it. Nuts, cranberries, raisins etc.

Next I went to shadow the teachers in different kitchens while the students created their dishes. That was a lot of fun and gave me the opportunity to learn how to make different dishes firsthand. A tremendous amount of work goes into this operation. It's non stop, literally. Unless there's some moments worth writing about I'll post recipes in the end that I've learned and think you'll enjoy the most.

I've been invited to Ballymaloe House to watch The Garden, an independent film. Sounds lovely and so does sinking into a deep sleep right about now. Decisions!

Lunch menu:
Salad with moi dressing
Brown Bread
Potato Onion Soup*
Black-eyed peas with curry
Basmati Rice
Summer Squash with Arugala
Tomatoe with Basil
Grilled Mackerill
Almond Meringue with Strawberries and Cream*
Fresh fruit salad with mint

The photos below are of various places around. I wanted you to get an idea of how colorful everything is, inside and out. The solar panel generates 7000 kw. in a year, which I think for Ireland is pretty good. They don't get much sun, although, the sun has been shining everyday since I've been here. They have roosters all over and I just think the jersey cows are so beautiful. Also featured is a picture of the meringue dessert from lunch. My mom use to make this a lot. It's really really good!

Stay tune for Day 3. See you tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for keeping up Mr. Patel and Laura. Glad your onboard. Every day so far in Ireland, I pick a word that seems to describe my experience and what I see. Enchanted, is the word for this day.

  2. The pictures look amazing mom!

  3. Hey Julz,
    Glad you're enjoying the pictures. My little $130. Costco camera is stepping up to the Irish plate.
    It's amazing here. So glad I did this.