Sunday, August 8, 2010


My wonderful new friend Caroline
The Play Room


The Shell House

The Shell House made of all seashells inside.

Ballymaloe House


Today my friend Caroline came and picked me up from Cork and we drove to Ballymaloe House. We had lunch in the cafe' and walked around the grounds. I now know why my mother loved it here. I'm sure you'll agree from looking at the photos, indeed it is a lovely place.
We then drove to Ballymaloe Cooking School, which is 2 miles down the road. This too is quite beautiful. Gardens everywhere, a cooking shop, little cottages and vast fields of greenery. Everything that is used in the school is grown here in the gardens and it's all organic.
My new resdience, a cottage called The Play Room, (picture posted) is a sweet house that I'll be sharing with others whom will be attending the school. In fact I just met them. A lovely couple from Los Angeles and their two darling daughters. They have a children's course here at Ballymaloe that the girls will be taking. I have my own room with a private bath. My room is appropriately called The Boysenberry Room. YUM!
Also you'll notice a small structure that has a point on the top with a row of flowers on each side leading up to it. That's called The Shell Room. Built in 1995, it is covered with mosaic designs in shells encasing the walls. It's very detailed and the designs are stunning.
Caroline and I went down to the Celtic Sea. It is magnificent. It's bluish green and so clear and hugh as a sea would be. We took a walk and then she drove us over to the tiny village of Ballycotton. What a charming little seaside village. That's where the lighthouse is. (picture included).
Caroline was most generous with her time. She wanted me to get a sense of what was around the area of the school. As we had drove around looking for our different destinations, the theme of our adventure was, "If we go one more mile we'll see if we're going in the right direction". Despite the inconvenience of nearly no road signs, we were definitely amused by it all and had a wonderful day together.
I don't think there are any mean people here in Ireland. They're all lovely and so friendly.
After she dropped me off and left I settled in my room and here I am posting this blog.
I just want to add that I'm feeling very very blessed at the moment. being in this incredibly beautiful place, meeting people like Caroline, the family from Los angeles, the sweet ladies at Gabriel House and being able to have the means to share this adventure with all of you.
Thanks so much for coming along.
Tomorrow I start my work in the kitchen.
Stay tuned!


  1. hahah! seriously? that would be so cool.

  2. ohhh..SO Beautiful Ireland Is!! I miss it! I am so glad you are there Teenz, and having this wonderful, life affirming, expanding experience. It's about time!
    Enjoy! And eat!!

  3. Hay Kath,
    Thanks! It's wonderful here. Yes, it's about time and I'm so glad I did it.
    Love you too!

  4. Hi, Tina --
    Well, the blog does not show up automatically on my email, so I look for it and am so rewarded when it is found! Do you know that the cover page for all of this shows the Cliffs of Mohr -- one of Jim's and my favorite places on all the west coast of Ireland. You can see by the teeny people at thetop that these cliffs are beyond huge. I lay down on a stone slab and pulled myself on my stomach toward the edge and looked down. Unspeakable. jIm held my feet. Looking forward to more of your fabulous photographs!! Love, Ginny

  5. Hi Ginny,
    I was just wondering if you were getting the blogs. I'm so glad. You can put the address in your favorites. Many people are not getting it automatically. Not sure why. It's amazing here. Glad you're enjoying the photos.