Friday, August 6, 2010

Cobh (pronounced Cove)

I took a train to Cobh, a half hour from Cork City. What a lovely little town with a beautiful harbor. The harbour itself reminds me of Newport Beach but with a lot more age to it. I went to the cathedral which stands above, towering over the town. I had read that there was a castle but couldn't see one anywhere. Turns out the only thing left from the castle is a tower that is not easily seen.
I had breakfast at Gilbert's. A nice cafe' with some vegetarian dishes. The Irish eat a lot of bread, scones and butter. Not a whole lot of fruit so far. I did manage to get some FRESH squeezed orange juice and found some strawberries at the Farmer's Market.

Farmer's Market was down by the pier. I took pictures of some of the stands and the flowers around town. There are flowers everywhere and I mean everywhere. They're very well maintained too.

Went back to Cork for a late lunch at Liberty Grill in the heart of the city. There were several vegetarian option. I had a nut burger made from cashews and hazelnuts. I must say, it was delicious.

Enjoy the pictures, they speak better then I write for now. Still lagging a bit from the time difference. Tomorrow, Cork.....stay tuned!

Cork tomorrow.....stay tuned!


  1. Teenza,
    Great photos! What an incredible adventure! happy to be tagging along,

  2. Hey Tonsey,
    Thanks! Yes, it's been a wonderful trip so far. I saw a lady in Cobh yesterday that could of been your twin. I had to take a second look.
    Love having you along for the ride.
    Will be in Cork today.
    Love you!

  3. Love the Cathedral and all your pics so far, it must be heaven. Do you feel the Presence of Saint Patrick =)
    Much Love,

  4. Hi Duane,
    I'm so glad you're following these. I sure do feel the Presence of St. Patrick and every other Saint that I'm fortunate enough to come upon in their church. The churches and cathedrals are beautiful inside and I'd like to take pictures but people are praying.
    It's so incredibly beautiful here I can't help but think of the Enerald Matrix often.
    Thanks for following. It's good to have you along my friend.
    Much love and stay well!