Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random pictures from my travels in Ireland.

These photos are pictures that haven't been posted but were taken over the course of my travels. From Cork to Ballymaloe, another look at some extraordinary sites. I found these two carrots today. "Carrot Love" here at Ballymaloe. The second photo is a different aerial shot from the first one I posted in the beginning.

Thank you for following this blog and traveling to Ireland with me. It's been an exciting and wonderful adventure and made truly exceptional with you all on board. The opportunity to share this journey was something I looked forward to daily.

Ireland is a beautiful country. I'm truly thankful for all the lovely people I had the privledge of meeting. The first ten words that come to mind when thinking of Ireland, in no particular order, would be: green, friendly, happy, historic, colorful, extraordinary, gracious, beautiful, cream and butter.
Again, I'll have recipes available for anyone who would like copies. Just email me or post a comment on this blog.

Good bye IRELAND, thank you for your grace and hospitality!


  1. I have had a wonderful time seeing all the pictures you have shared. Ballymaloe's gardens, people, surroundings etc are magical.

    I would like all the recipes that you have from your visit. Do you have a friend in Three Rivers who has a scanner? If so, would they scan the recipes to a disk so you can put them on this blog. We could all copy them from here.

    Hope that your flight back home was safe. Love you, Elizabeth