Saturday, August 7, 2010


Went to the city center (as it's called here), better known as downtown. Visited the Old English Market where there was some organic produce. Yeah! You'll see in the pictures how colorful of a place it is. I ended up getting a latte' at The Farmgate Cafe". This cafe' sits high above the market. The architect of the building is fascinating and reflects "Old English".

Found a little craft fair and took pictures of some jewelry. Also went shopping and took a couple pictures of necklaces that are in style over here. Big beads, buttons, flowers, long, chunky and colorful.

Oh, went and got my hair cut at a salon. That was interesting. A little European influence?....Good thing I don't know anyone here. Ha!

Found a Belgian chocolatier and bought some white chocolate just like the kind my grandmother would send. I would love to of exported the entire shop into my purse but that wasn't possible so settled on a few bars to savor over the course of my trip.

There's live music everywhere. Irish, piano, flute, fiddle and xordian (sp?) music on almost every corner. Sat in the city center later on with another latte' and watched people. So many people from all over, speaking so many different languages. And the babies here are sooooo cute. LOVE!

By the way, the sign that is in the photos, is a sign I pass whenever leaving Gabriel House. It reminds me of why I've taken this trip. It's actually an ad for a paint company. Clever marketing.

Tomorrow I'll visit St Mary's Dominican Church to listen to their choir sing outside on the street. My friend Caroline. will be joining me. After that we'll head to Ballymaloe via the coast. Stay tuned!


  1. Lovely!!! Wish I were there with you. I remember those chocolates your Grandmother use to send. Yum! Can't wait to see more. XX

  2. remember when my mom would lock them up in the cedar closet and we would find the key when she left the house?
    speaking of mom, going to ballymaloe today. more to come.

  3. So cool, Zina! I'm really enjoying following your story and viewing the pics!

  4. Hey Bobbie,
    So glad you're along for the ride. Mom was right about Ballymaloe. It's stunning here. I feel really blessed right now. Glad to be sharing all this with everyone.
    Love you and thanks for joining.