Saturday, August 14, 2010

Midleton, Ireland

Today in Midleton I found myself wanting to go back to Ballymaloe almost immediately. However, there was only one bus that could take me back and it wasn't leaving until 4pm, so I did my best to enjoy the day. The thing about Ballymaloe is, it's so beautiful everywhere and the city isn't. Midleton isn't a large city, but more like a town. It's quaint in some areas and not in others. The Farmer's Market was packed with people ,especially little children running around. That was fun watching them. The pictures included are different snap shots of areas that reflect parts of the town.

I went to lunch at a place called Sage. The menu had some nice vegetarian dishes and what I ordered was very good. A veggie wrap with spiced chick peas and a pesto sauce with greens.

Later, I visted a jeweler who owns his own studio. His name is Shmuel Yolzari and he's from Isreal. He use to be a diamond cutter and sculpture but decided to try silversmithing. He's good and his work is beautiful. He works in gold and silver and his concept of kinetics coupled with dimention is brilliant in my opinion. Each piece is multi dimentional and can be worn in more then just one way.

After that I decided to visit St Mary's Church. This is a beautiful church and I had the opportunity to take pictures inside. The photos aren't that great as far as being centered and lighting, but my time was limited because I wasn't sure who was going to come in and pray. I loved all the different symbols and the stained glass. The face of Mother Mary I think is absolutely beautiful. It was so peaceful inside, I ended up staying a couple hours and just sitting, mediatating and reflecting.

4pm arrived and back to Ballymaloe. More reflecting, walking and reading this evening.

Tomorrow is a day at the beach, Ballycotton (tiny little seaside village) and dinner with Darina and family at Ballymaloe House.

Thanks for following and stay tune!

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  1. I love your photos! Your posts make me want to visit Ireland! Thanks Tina. Pam L